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On 25th of April, at Łask race track all automotive fans taking part in Dirty wrack Race will meet up again. Complex Automotive Bearings Team with their fearless machine will be of course among them, fighting for first victory in this season.

We are sure that , the same like in Carnival edition of the race, there will be a lots of emotions, healthy competition and engines roar.

As the winner may be only one, we believe that our engine power combined with our team’s will of fight will help us to win.

Once again the Complex Automotive Bearings business activities have been awarded with " Business Gazelle 2014" in the fastest growing companies category.

I am glad that the activities of our company once again have been recognized by the Puls Bizesu and Coface Poland, which are the authors of the ranking. This award is a great summary of a full year , the hard work of the team and of course a great incentive to strive for further success of our company - said Michael Koeppe, CEO of Complex Automotive Bearings.

Carnival edition of Wreck Race is behind us. Dust settles, the emotions as well, but all players have their minds filled with unforgettable memories.
Rally met with great interest from both, participants and spectators who came to cheer their team. As usually during such an event  it has not been without bumps and broken bumpers. Unforgettable emotions and shared passion united all motor sports enthusiasts together.

Preparations for the race underway Dirty Race Wreck at best. The vehicle, in which representatives of Complex Automotive Bearings will compete is ready to fight with other crazy machines. We will see who will be the best already on January 17th.
We hope that Complex Automotive Bearings players will of fight and our "four wheels" engine power will be unbeatable defeating the difficult route and other automotive enthusiasts.

Representatives of Complex Automotive Bearings joined the ranks of crazy drivers. Very soon, on January 17 they will take a part in the Dirty Wreck Race. This tournament is aimed at driving enthusiasts for whom the roar of car engines, the smell of exhaust and accompanying adrenaline are a wonderful experience. Without a doubt, such devotees of the "four wheels" are also representatives of  Complex Automotive Bearings, so they will be present at a January edition of the race.

Technical University of Lodz Motorcyclists Club (CX kmpl Racing Team), sponsored by, Complex Automotive Bearings has ended the racing season.

The past season was a success. Our team participated in all scheduled races, and some of them completed successfully. Of course there were difficult moments, caused mainly by unfavorable weather conditions, but over time we have learned to react quickly and adapt our motorcycles to them - said Lukasz Majda player of kmpl CX Racing Team.

CX kmpl Reacing Team, sponsored, among others, by Complex Automotive Bearings, noted another success.  In the "Suzuki Cup"  competition, carried out in mid-September representatives of Technical University of Lodz Motorcyclists Club took 3rd place. In addition, they have received a special prize awarded to the players during their first start on the Slovakiaring track.

Complex Automotive Bearings congratulates to the kmpl CX Racing Team and wishes success and good luck in the coming races.


For Polish Road Racing Championship finals there is not much time left. Players of Technical University of Lodz Motorcyclists Club (CX kmpl Racing Team), sponsored by, Complex Automotive Bearings are bravely fighting to take the highest position in the general classification. During the last competition held on the track in Poznan CX kmpl Racing Team representatives succeeded by as much as 1.5 seconds to improve the existing lap record.