Products offered by Complex Automotive Bearings are available in the TecDoc  catalog, which is a helpful tool for finding spare parts for both, the workshop and automotive shops.
This catalog is the biggest base of automotive parts for cars and trucks, with more than 400 eminent manufacturers and theirs regularly updated product range.
Presence of Complex Automotive Bearing in TecDoc confirms the excellent quality of the products offered by the company as well as our good reputation and our partners trust.


All products offered by Complex Automotive Bearings have excellent quality which is provided by constant and strict control carried out in our Metrolog Sp. of o.o laboratory. Our  Metrolog Sp. z o.o. laboratory  features a modern  equipment used to measure the oscillation frequency, measurments, surface roughness and noise. In conjunction with a well-trained staff of engineers it  ensures  a comprehensive solution for the implementation of new products and optimizing of production. This certifies the excellent and reliable quality of all automotive parts marketed by Complex Automotive Bearings.


Complex Automotive Bearings implements Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Application of these principles ensures high quality raw materials and components used in the production process. As a result, it provides customers with the assurance of the highest, and, importantly, the stable quality of the products offered by the Complex Automotive Bearings.


Complex Automotive Bearings is a member of an elite organization - the European Association of Machine Parts Manufacurers. The primary purpose of this association is to take measures aimed at economic development and rational use of resources. Businesses focused on the EMCA initiate new technologies, promote quality research and popularize technical knowledge. Activities of this association builds climate of cooperation and creativity, which has resulted in innovative and excellent products offered by their members, including Complex Automotive Bearings.